Barbara Wyckoff

About the Author

With the “West” just outside her back door, Barbara L. Wyckoff grew up near the deserts of Western Colorado. She listened to the stories of Indians, cattle drives, outlaws, gangsters, bad times and good. With these stories roaming freely in her mind, and the spirit of the desert always beckoning her to a place of solace and comfort, was it any wonder her creativity began at a very early age being fostered with a background in literature and a study of English both in high school and college. Through the years, instructors and mentors helped her understand words and how to use them. There were pencils and sheets of paper, notepads, typewriters and finally computers to capture all the wonderful and extreme ideas that flowed so freely from her imagination onto the pages that seemed endless before her. As she recalls, writing was always a part of her life.

It was her Indian heritage that called her to the past and let it blend with the present in the ways of the “Rendezvous” of old with historical re-enactments. Never afraid to speak her mind, she wrote of these things often in the “Territorial Dispatch”, an historical newspaper she was proud to be the editor, publisher and producer of for those who wanted a taste of the “Old West”. Through her words, a spiritual path was born where she wrote of the imagery of youthful joy and innocence, the mysterious delights of love unveiled, despair when it fails, and our ultimate enlightenment when we learn where our true power lies.

Writing has always given Barbara L. Wyckoff the power to create illusions for the mind and help you leave the real world behind. Combine this with her ability to write emotionally about history, life and the living of it — and her writings will stay with you forever.

It was once said she had found a way to immortalize herself as long
as there are those who desire to read.
Her response. . . . .
                          "Keep your desires close to your heart!"