Reviews of Barbara L.Wyckoff's Books

"of Sterling Quality” ~ ~

“I found out about this series just in time for a Christmas gift for my mother who could hardly wait to start reading them and has already told me I am to get books five and six just as soon as they are available."


"of Sterling Quality” ~ ~

“I have already pre-paid for the next book in this series as they are well worth the waiting for and the reading."


"of Sterling Quality” ~ ~

“As I began to read the Prologue of Sterling Quality I felt as if I was setting next to this beautiful Porcelain Lady on the California Zephyr headed to Denver. I can hardly wait to read all four books-in-one of the Kindle edition of Sterling Quality. Marvelously written with the sense of being on the train and living in that time period. Great Book Barbara"

HC Reed

"of Sterling Quality” ~ ~

“As an avid reader, I look for well written stories and I can say "of Sterling Quality" is one of the best written books I have read in a very long time. The story is fascinating and moves you from one page to the next with great interest."


"of Sterling Quality” ~ ~

“ Book Two, "The Escape" is finished and left me yearning for more. The book was so well written and interesting, and as I have a love of history, made it even more interesting. I am well into Book Two, "The Crossing" and I can hardly put this book down either. Well written."


"of Sterling Quality” ~ ~

“ I am not much of a reader but, seriously, could not put these books down. Can hardly wait to read the whole series. This is one of the best stories I have ever read. I am totally drawn into the story and feel like I am watching every thing that is going on. Enjoying every word and am not disappointed with "of Sterling Quality". Haven't finished this yet but can hardly wait for Barbara's next book - - "Summer Wine".


"Calderon's Summer Wine” ~ ~

“. . . To have something that a ghost wants is frightening to the thoughts and Savannah Calderon went to great lengths to get back what she wanted from Charley Hazelwood. Spellbinding and frightening to its terrifying end."


“Path to the Spirit”

“In this new book, Barbara Pray, also known as the Grandmother, captures the essence of our spirit, from youthful innocence to the wisdom that comes with age. She guides you to the knowledge hidden deep within yourself.”

William L. Wells, NBO, ret.


“This is a woman’s story but men need to read it too so they can learn how to better love the women in their lives.”

Dave Pohlman,
aka Preacher,
Mountain Man

on the
Teepee Wall”

The by-line of Bell Woman aka Barbara Wyckoff, as presented in the Territorial Dispatch from October, 1992 — February, 2000.

“Tucker the Troll”

“How can we ever thank you for expressing who we really are and what Rendezvous is all about.”

a man from the mountains
who sought his freedom

"of Sterling Quality" will soon be in the Colorado Talking Book Library, Denver, Colorado