of Sterling Quality

Over 25 years of devotion to this story have finally been rewarded!!!
And now, I can share all the drama, spirit of adventure, honor, integrity and pride of the Sterling Family with all those who love to read and have waited for me to finish this story.
Andrew Wesley Sterling broke the traditions, made the crossing, and found his way to the riches that were to be found at the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River in Denver City, Colorado in 1860. He left the legacy of The Sterling House to his beautiful daughter Lillian Anne Sterling. She matured to understand survival was a matter of honorable quality on the Larimer Street of old. It only took me over 1,000 pages to say one simple thing:
"It is all about Quality and how we choose to live our lives!"
I sincerely hope you enjoy reading "of Sterling Quality" in its entirety as much as I enjoyed writing it.

- Barbara L. Wyckoff

of Sterling Quality - the series

"of Sterling Quality"

A generational novel
far too great and far too elegant
to be contained in just one book ~~
Therefore, the Series of the Sterling Family

Book One ~ The Escape
"Enslaved by their traditions, the South was held in bondage by their own slaves."

Book Two ~ The Crossing
"Fear of the unknown can keep you from your destiny. Andrew Wesley Sterling was not afraid."

Book Three ~ Denver's Sterling House
"A man and his honor cannnot be parted. Yet his house can hold many hands."

Book One ~ A Woman of Sterling Quality
"To know life is about quality is to know one's own destiny."